CONSULTING: Plans Review

CONSULTING: Plans Review

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A full review of construction drawings allows us to catch mistakes before they happen in the field. A plan review is a great investment in the success of your project. Even if you’ve hired a professional to design your plans for you, if they don’t have a lot of experience with straw bale, it is not uncommon for the plans to be riddled with redundant, archaic, or time-wasting construction techniques.

Catching issues in the plans before you start building will save you significant amounts of money and time. Furthermore, once plans are approved, the building department can require you to build the structure “as drawn” so even if you catch the mistakes, it may be too late to make changes.


• Ensure that the construction techniques suggested in the plans are the most efficient and yield the best results.

• Get faster (and easier!) approval of your straw bale plans from your building department when your plans are clear of mistakes.

• Show your contractor (if using one), bank, and building officials that you have a viable building project with a strong set of designs.

• Get better estimates on your project with a complete and error-free set of plans.

• I will do a thorough window and door details evaluation on each set of plans, the area that is typically riddled with errors and which causes the most problems down the road.

• Where applicable, I will make design suggestions to save on building costs by doing a thorough floor plan evaluation.

• All changes and suggestions will be detailed in a thorough report.

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