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VIDEOS-Load Bearing Video-DVDS

VIDEOS-Load Bearing Video-DVDS

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Load Bearing construction uses the bales themselves as the structural element of the home. The roof sits directly on the bale walls and the straw itself is load bearing.  In nearly 2 hours of instruction we take you through the entire process of building a load bearing straw bale home in a day-by-day teaching format.

We show in detail everything from creating a pad and pier raised floor foundation, to installing toe-ups, baling the walls square and plumb, using the best strapping to pre-compress your walls, installing the rafters, attaching the roof sheathing, installing windows and doors, dealing with cabinetry installations, and much more.

• Cost: $39.99
• Running time2:03:00 

“The DVD was very comprehensive and informative.  I feel that I can tackle my straw bale building project with confidence now! " –B. Ashwell, Kathmandu, Nepal

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