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This video contains the latest information you need to know to build your own concrete slab foundation. I walk you through each and every stage of the concrete foundation building process. By implementing these simple, how-to techniques you will be able to effectively build your own concrete foundation with no prior foundation or concrete experience.


• A list of all tools you need to build your project.
• Details of 4 different types of foundations.
• How to properly clear a site for your foundation.
• Know why it's essential to remove top soil.
• Learn the different methods to check the grade of your site.
• A fun technique to save you time when compacting.

Setting Your Concrete Forms

• How to perfectly level and square form boards.
• Learn how to set up “batter” boards to help establish square forms.
• The best methods to identify the highest elevation on your site.
• Learn which nails to use when nailing up your form boards.
• Prevent concrete from flowing out from under your forms.
• How to brace your forms to keep them square during the pour.
• How to alter your slab foundation for straw bale construction.

Footings and Sub-Slab Development

• Learn what you need to do before you call in the concrete delivery truck.
• Order of installation, materials and best techniques for sub-slab installation.
• How to use a “screed board”.
• Properly compact the sub-slab to prevent cracking in your concrete.
• The best method to bring electrical/plumbing lines into the concrete slab.

Pouring, Floating, and Finishing 

• Know the correct level of moisture for your slab base prior to thew pour.
• Learn about the different conditions that require a different mix of concrete.
• Feel comfortable conversing with the driver of the concrete truck.
• The best tools to use for leveling out your concrete as it is being poured.
• How to use a “jitterbug” to even-out the concrete and bring up the “cream.”
• The best time to take off the form boards.
• How to know when your concrete is properly cured.
• Learn how to use knee boards to minimize the impact on the slab.

• Cost: $14.99
• Running time1:46:00 
• File Sizes: 2 files both under 550MB

“Thank you for the very comprehensive concrete foundation DVD.  I was given a quote of $2,200 to build a 20 X 20 foot concrete pad for a summer house.  Your DVD just saved me over $1500! It is very clear that I can do the majority of the work myself and save a lot of money. It was worth every penny.  Thanks for a great product.”  –B. Richards, Vancouver, BC