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The How-To Guide to Plastering video includes nearly a full hour of information, sourced from professionals, that you need to know in order to plaster your straw bale structure successfully with natural hydraulic lime. This is, in my opinion, the best material to plaster your bales with due to its durability, breathability, natural ingredients, and user-friendly application. That said, the techniques I teach in this video can be used with just about any plaster you choose. The technical details transfer to such finishes as earthen plaster, cement/lime mixes, and more. No matter what plaster you choose, the information in this video will help you create a beautiful and durable finish.

Once the overview and general information section is complete, I walk you, step by step and coat by coat, through the process of plastering your straw bale structure. Traditional plaster has a minimum of three coats, each applied at different stages of the process. They are called the SCRATCH COAT, BROWN COAT, AND FINISH COAT. The three coat process makes the finish extremely durable, crack resistant, and beautiful.

• Running time:  52:00 
• File Size: 526 MB

“These guys have really nailed it! I have been selling this product for many years and in that time no one has covered this information in the depth that they have. This is the most comprehensive video on Natural Hydraulic Lime Plaster that I have ever witnessed.” –Michel Couvreux, Trans Minerals USA, Inc. US Importer of St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime Plaster